Coming Soon - The Amulet Ultra!

Our new 4th generation low noise, high headroom all-analog audio design for acoustic guitar amplification, The Amulet Ultra series, sets a new benchmark for exceptional acoustic performance

Features of the Amulet Ultra series of acoustic guitar amplification systems

Stay tuned for more info!

Meanwhile, will you be able to install the Amulet Ultra in your guitar? Find out here!

  • Ultra Dual Mono: Two individual user-adjustable channels (each with our new integral precision lowcut filter) summed to a mono output
  • Ultra True Stereo: Two individual user-adjustable channels (each with our new integral precision lowcut filter) presented as a stereo output for the ultimate in control of your instrument’s sound
  • Ultra Multi: An unprecedented 3 user-adjustable channels presented in mono or stereo brings a new level of high performance audio and complete user control in acoustic guitar amplification
  • User selectable Battery or Phantom power for all models, even Stereo and Multi systems. No need to rely on just battery or phantom power; now you can instantly select either one with the flick of a switch!
  • New easier installation method, and pickups can be installed/removed with no damage to the guitar or pickups!
  • Ultra light-weight electronics with dual built in multi function thumbwheel controls
  • User control: All transducer channels are easily user trimmed for proper volume balance between pickups and also between multiple guitars
  • Standard 1/4" endpin jack output for all models
  • Upgradable: Amulet Ultra electronics packages are available separately to allow system performance and feature upgrades for all Trance Audio users (and many others)
  • Multiple Pickup Possibilities! Ultra systems are designed to be used with our renowned Acoustic Lens transducers and can accommodate many other pickup types as well, including magnetic, undersaddle, piezo discs and microphones
  • Custom Shop: multiple configurations of the Ultra systems are available to exactly fit your needs and vision
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