Trance Audio Trance Audio Manuals

Our operation manuals contain a wealth of valuable information and are available in PDF format for you to download

Amulet™ Pickup Installation

Acoustic Lens™ Installation Guide: Do-it-yourself with the Template Method
New and complete pickup install instructions using the Template Method and
Pickup Clamp — this guide is for
ALL Amulet system users!

Amulet M™ Series

Amulet M™ Dual Mono System User Guide
The basic user guide for all of our Amulet M systems!

Amulet M Phantom™
Additional system info for our Amulet M Phantom users!

Phantom Power: What you need to know
Article with more info on using phantom power with our Amulet M Phantom!

Amulet M PLUS™
Additional system info for our Amulet M Plus users!

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