The Acoustic Lens™ represents the state-of-the-art in pickups for the acoustic guitar. Its unique triaxial technology allows it to sense vibration in all three physical planes (horizontal, vertical and lateral), and sums them to produce an incredibly accurate "sonic picture" of your instruments soundboard.

The heart of the Amulet System, this ultra-sensitive transducer excels at reproducing the warm, woody character of the guitar, coupled with the essential sounds of the body and neck which most saddle tranducers simply ignore. The Acoustic Lens has been favorably compared to a high-quality microphone, but without all the hassles. You get the same great sound time after time while being free to move about the stage or studio. Its small size makes it the perfect choice for stereo applications, or in situations where space is limited

The Acoustic Lens is mounted internal to the acoustic guitar beneath the saddle. A special adhesive is used which does not damage the guitar in any way and can be removed later if so desired. Now, our new adhesive tape makes installation much easier - learn more here. The Acoustic Lens, and all Trance Audio products require few if any, modifications to your prized instrument.

Hear it and become a believer.


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