What's the advantage of a DUAL MONO preamp?

The Amulet M system was created right from the beginning as a Dual Mono System. This means that there are two separate monaural preamps (one for each Acoustic Lens transducer) that are combined into a single output. This allows each Acoustic Lens transducer to see exactly the proper impedance matching to ensure that it delivers all of the tone and dynamic range possible.

Most manufacturers that offer a system with two or more transducers use a single preamp to plug them into. Although this is the cheapest solution, it suffers from a number of problems. Paralleling two or more transducers together into a single preamp compromises their performance by allowing interactions between the transducers, increasing distortion, and reducing dynamic range. You are also dependent on the matching of the transducers themselves to get proper balance and tone between the strings, and there is no way to easily adjust them to produce the ideal balance between low and high strings. Also, if the preamp is external to the instrument, then you run a much greater risk of producing hum and noise, and the endpin, the preamp connections and even the cable connecting them become potential sources of trouble.

The Amulet M utilizes our newly-designed ACOUSTIC ENGINE TM technology, providing each transducer with its own extremely low noise preamp, and providing the ability to easily balance between the two transducers to get the exact response desired from your instrument. These signals are combined to a monaural signal, and buffered to produce a hum and noise free signal at the endpin jack that's ready to plug into any system. This allows you to get the maximum dynamic range and lowest noise possible from the transducers to produce a clearer more defined sound that more accurately captures the nuances and dynamics of your performance.


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