The Amulet M Phantom Dual Mono Guitar Pickup System

Trance Audio quality without a battery!

Our renowned Amulet M Dual Mono Acoustic Guitar Pickup System now comes in a phantom-powered version!

  • No Batteries! Phantom power means that your guitar continuously operates at peak performance without worry of battery failure or need for replacement.

  • Balanced Output! The Amulet M Phantom output is a professionally balanced low impedance signal capable of driving your music for hundreds of feet without hum or noise problems. Want a longer cable? Plug in any standard mic cable to extend it as needed.

  • Even Lighter! Without a battery, battery bag and with a new, smaller internal cable assembly the Amulet M Phantom adds even less weight to your instrument (the Phantom preamp on its own weighs just 1.4 oz).

  • Adjustable Gain! An internal trimmer allows you to adjust the overall Amulet output level plus or minus 14 dB (in addition to already being able to adjust the balance between Acoustic Lens transducers), allowing you to precisely match the output of your guitar to your amp or other devices as well as allowing you to easily match levels between multiple instruments for smooth changes during live performances.

  • Phase Inverter! An internal slide switch allows you to invert the phase of your signal, so you can perfectly match any additional pickups you might use with your instrument in a multi-system setup. This can also be used to help to increase gain before feedback in difficult monitoring situations.

  • Connects via a standard 1/4" TRS to male XLR cable! Use your own cable, or get one from our Custom Shop.

    Sophisticated regulation and protection circuits allow the Amulet M Phantom to be "hot plugged" with phantom power engaged without damage to the preamp. A special "fade-in" mute circuit creates a pop and thump free power up when the guitar is plugged in.

    The Amulet M Phantom can be powered from most mixers and amplifiers with 48 volt phantom power. You can also use a stand-alone external phantom supply, which are readily available for less than $20 (!). An external phantom supply can even double as an active direct box… you can plug the balanced XLR output directly into any stage box or XLR input. A simple inexpensive adapter can convert the output to a standard balanced or unbalanced 1/4" jack to interface with your conventional amp or pedalboard. For more info on phantom power, please click here.

    Just like the original Amulet M Dual Mono Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems , the Amulet M Phantom provides:
  • 100% Analog design for incredibly accurate reproduction of the tone, dynamic range and response of your instrument
  • Renowned Acoustic Lens TM triple shielded polyplanar transducers, still hand- made in the USA
  • Dual Mono system provides separate preamps for each transducer for maximum signal clarity and separation, and perfect balance
  • User-adjustable balance control to provide the perfect blend between the bass- and treble-side transducers
  • Incredibly easy installation with NO SOLDERING
  • Pickup installation is done with our proprietary adhesives that can easily be repositioned, and will never soak into the wood or damage your guitar!

    The Amulet M Phantom's multiple system options guarantee that you get exactly the system that meets your needs…
    • Amulet M PhantomTM ($339)
      the basic system (direct output with no onboard controls) includes:

    • Acoustic Lens TM Transducers (pair)
    • Phantom-powered Dual Mono Preamp/Endpin
    • Balanced Output, Adjustable Gain, Phase Inverter Switch

      Amulet M-V PhantomTM ($359)
      includes the basic system, plus:

    • Soundhole-mounted Volume Control

      Amulet M-VT PhantomTM ($379)
      includes the basic system, plus:

    • Soundhole-mounted Volume and Tone controls

      Also available: Right-Angle 1/4" TRS to Male XLR Cable ($30)

      Our Custom Shop 10 foot cable is made with premium CanareTM cable and rugged connectors. Our cable is perfect for use with the Amulet M Phantom series (and you can extend the length with any standard mic cable).

      We also have a new battery-powered option:
      The Amulet M PlusTM

      Prefer battery-powered operation but want the flexibility and function of the Adjustable Gain and Phase Inverter? Well, you can have that with the Amulet M PlusTM! It's the same great Amulet M System with the addition of the phase switch and adjustable gain trimmer.
    • Amulet M PlusTM ($339)
    • Amulet M-V PlusTM ($359)
    • Amulet M-VT PlusTM ($379)

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