The Amulet M Dual Mono Guitar Pickup System

Trance Audio quality at an astounding price!

  • 100% Analog design for incredibly accurate reproduction of the tone, dynamic range and response of your instrument
  • Renowned Acoustic Lens TM triple shielded polyplanar transducers, still hand-made in the USA
  • Dual Mono system provides separate preamps for each transducer for maximum signal clarity and separation, and perfect balance
  • User-adjustable balance control to provide the perfect blend between the bass- and treble-side transducers
  • Connects via a standard ¼″ mono guitar cable
  • Incredibly easy installation with NO SOLDERING
  • Complete systems starting at $279

    For almost 20 years, Trance Audio TM has been the choice of discerning musicians like Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow, Beck, Aerosmith, Michael Hedges, Yusuf (Cat Stevens) and many more, and our systems and solutions have unfailingly powered incredible performances on stages and in studios night after night, the world over. Our new Amulet M TM has distilled the wisdom gained from our many years of experience working with these top-flight acts into a new system that retains the same exacting standards and performance you've come to expect in an astoundingly affordable new package.

    Like all Trance Audio products, the Amulet M is designed with the criteria of super-wide dynamic range, extremely low noise and distortion, flexibility and reliability. The heart of the Amulet M is the renowned Acoustic Lens TM pickups. Our Acoustic Lens pickups deliver crispness and accuracy, coupled with incredible warmth and presence, and the Amulet M's preamp package perfectly complements this incredible transducer.

    The unique Dual Mono design of the internally-located preamp allows you to easily adjust the bass and treble balance of your guitar without using any EQ whatsoever. Power is provided by an on-board 9volt battery with more than 100 hours of battery life available. A precision designed low-cut filter is included to eliminate unwanted low frequencies without removing any of the low end power of your guitar, even on instruments that are tuned far below standard pitch. The signal leaving the guitar via the high-quality Switchcraft ¼″ endpin jack is low impedance, making it immune to hum and buzz, and enabling long cable runs with no loss of signal or quality, and no cable handling noise.

    Our goal at Trance Audio is to further state-of-the-art, acoustic guitar music. The Amulet M series provides the true sound of your acoustic guitar to any mixer or amplifier system in microscopic, wondrous detail.

  • Amulet M system fits a standard ½″ endpin hole, and up to 7/8" endblock depth
  • Newly designed Acoustic Engine TM Preamp Technology gives superior audio performance
  • 100+ hours of battery life from a single 9 volt battery
  • Feather light and invisible installation
  • Rugged, road-ready system is completely shielded to eliminate hum and buzz
  • Ultra Low Noise Floor > -100dB
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic range 118dB
  • Ultra Low Distortion <.006% THD
  • Extended Frequency Response -3dB @95K

    The Amulet M's multiple system options guarantee that you get exactly the system that meets your needs
    • Amulet M TM ($279)
      the basic system (direct output with no onboard controls) includes:

    • Acoustic Lens TM Transducers (pair)
    • Dual Mono Preamp/Endpin
    • Battery bag with Battery clip
    • Amulet M-V TM ($299)
      includes the basic system, plus:

    • Soundhole-mounted Volume Control with low battery LED indicator

      Amulet M-VT TM ($319)
      includes the basic system, plus:

    • Soundhole-mounted Volume and Tone controls with low battery LED indicator


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