Amulet System

The Trance Audio Amulet:
True Stereo Guitar Pickup System

The Amulet ™ is a true-stereo acoustic guitar pickup and preamplifier system designed for the professional or semi-professional musician who is not satisfied with traditional saddle or magnetic pickups.The Amulet system utilizes two of Trance Audio's Acoustic Lens transducers which are mounted to the soundboard on the inside of the guitar. The Acoustic Lens accurately reproduces the warm, woody textures generated by the guitar's soundboard. Alternative pickup arrangements are also supported - the Amulet can be configured to support magnetic pickups or other transducers. An internal stereo preamp boosts the signal at the guitar and outputs a low impedance signal, allowing long cable runs without loss of fidelity. The compact control unit at the other end of the cable presents a stereo or mono signal to your mixer or amplifier. A high quality, user- selectable low cut filter is included to concentrate and focus the low end power of the Acoustic Lens for smaller speaker systems and amplifiers. The carefully engineered reponse eliminates unwanted low frequencies without removing any of the low end power of your guitar, even on instruments that are tuned far below standard pitch.

Like all Trance Audio products, the Amulet is designed with the criteria of super-wide dynamic range, extremely low noise and distortion, flexibility and reliability.


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